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Plastic surgery creating Beautiful faces by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah


We will leave the thinning of hair that occurs in men and women for the present as that is entirely a different approach to aesthetics. More to the point, here, is the growth of excess hair where one does not want it: lips, chin, face, back, etc. Sometimes, it can be too much of a good thing:

Neanderthal man
Neanderthal man
Neanderthal man
Neanderthal man
When there is frontal thinning of hair in women, it is important not to place incisions where they would be visible, and, to avoid procedures that might raise the hairline. To that end, we modify incisions to lower the hairline and make the forehead look smaller using hairline incisions.

“Well, the last time I had a picture taken I could hardly see my eyes because of the weight of heavy eyelid. Then I paid attention to how I was actually using my eyes and I really noticed when I was looking at anything especially the computer I was straining my forehead to see better. Since I have had it done I no longer have to lift the forehead and tilt my head to see. It is amazing! I love…”  D. Rock  63 Yrs Old with Fat Droopy Eyes – Salt Lake City, UT

Laser hair removal by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS St. George and Salt Lake City
Laser hair removal by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS St. George and Salt Lake City

With the use of diode and NdYag lasers with the proper energy and penetration, successful reduction of unwanted hair may be obtained:

In men, hair transplantation using micrografts and minigrafts, the performance of flaps and other techniques can help reduce the appearance of hair loss.


Laser hair removal by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS St. George and Salt Lake City

“I had a excellent eye lift done by Dr. Patel. He knows what he is doing and is very pleasant. Dr.Patel was easy to get an appointment and he works with you. The office staff was very pleasant and made you feel calm.”  D. Gull Highly recommended for eye lift surgery – Salt Lake City, UT




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