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Providing the best Plastic Surgery Services in Salt Lake City: the appearance of one’s face determines our identity, sense of health, vitality, and, ultimately, happiness. Aging occurs differently in each of us. Careful attention to detail allows Dr. Patel to craft the best plastic surgery procedure or non-invasive procedure to give you the improvement one seeks. 
​Our experience, medical knowledge, history of development of many plastic surgery procedures, teaching other plastic surgeons and fixing complications from non-invasive and surgical procedures allows us to create results with almost no signs of surgery. Natural results are what we strive for.

LOOKING YOUR BEST with cosmetic plastic surgery in Salt Lake City and st. George by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS Patel Plastic Surgery


The facelift Dr. Patel performs in Salt Lake City provides a comprehensive improvement of the face and neck with the creation of a beautiful jawline, correction of jowls, removal of fat in the neck and designing the most beautiful neck. A facelift is one of the commonest procedures that patients come to Dr. Patel for from all over the world. He uses his “Patel Facelift” ( technique which combines a number of innovations giving results that are natural in appearance. The aim is to turn the clock back for each of our patients and make them look the way they feel with no signs of having had surgery. We create the non-operated look with Dr. Patel’s signature facelift

Aging causes loss of fat, loss of collagen and elastin, laxity of tendons and ligaments and sagging of tissues resulting in jowls, loss of definition of the jawline, fullness in the neck, and deeper lines between the nose and the mouth and the mouth and the chin, looseness and bands in the neck and the appearance of a shorter neck. The “Patel Facelift” was designed to improve the laxity of the face, restore the fullness of the face, improve the folds, lines, grooves and jawline. The money is always in the jawline and the neck and we strive to improve the jawline and the neck so that it often looks even better than when the patient was more than 20 years younger!

Although each patient has his or her photos from younger days studies and analyzed prior to surgery, we perform a mixture of deep plane lifting, repositioning, nano fat grafting, use of the modern CO2 lasers and soft tissue repositioning and augmentation to create beautiful results. Look at our amazing before-and-after photographs and patients’ comments and experience with our techniques and our results. As we provide comprehensive face and neck rejuvenation which includes facelift, necklift, Hammock Lift, brow lifts, upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, cheek lifts, lasers, fillers, botox, skin tightening, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, and many other treatments as part of our Plastic Surgery Services in Salt Lake City, please make an appointment to come and see what we can do. 

mini-facelift has been called many names, including “short scar facelift, swift lift, quick lift, weekend lift, small-scar facelift, overnight lift” and many others. The aim was to perform quicker surgery with quicker healing time but with results that are inferior to those of a properly performed facelift which also includes a necklift. These mini-facelifts are reasonable as long as the patient realizes that the degree of improvement is not as amazing as that seen with a proper facelift. If you have moderate aging changes, this may be appropriate for you but we would examine you and show you exactly what sort of result you would get.

Dr. Patel designed a technique of showing patients exactly the sort of results patients will get so that there are no surprises after surgery. His published technique is used all over the world to show patients what to expect: we go over this with each of our patients. We have been impressd with how predictable this method of showing patients what to expect is. It takes away the anxiety of not knowing what sort of result you will get from a facelift. We go over details of incisions, what to expect, possible risks, etc in our detailed consultation with each of our patients. 

​“The money is always in the neck!” – Dr BCK Patel MD, FRCS

Aging of the neck can result in neck bands (platysma bands), neck fat (lipodystrophy), skin laxity, jowls, loss of jawline, loss of the neck angle and the appearance of a short neck. There are many different types of neck procedures we perform in our Plastic Surgery practice in Salt Lake City, including local liposuction, subcutaneous laser for skin tightening, resection of neck bands, recreation of the mental angle (jaw angle), creating a tighter jawline and improving skin laxity. The best results are always seen when a proper facelift is performed which includes a necklift. The skin is improved with a combination of lasers prior to surgery or following surgery.
If a localized neck procedure is appropriate and will give you an acceptable result, we will go over the details of how the procedure will be performed and what to expect.
To get the best results from a necklift or a facelift, we analyze and plan your surgery in detail. It is important for us to review your younger photographs and also consider if you are at the weight where you want to be to give you the very best result. 
The brows descend and rest below our bony orbital rims, giving us an appearance of sadness or tiredness. Dr. Patel and Dr. Saltz introduced the endoscopic browlift to Salt Lake City and have taught many plastic surgeons the art and science behind these endoscopic brow lifts which give very natural reaults. ​

The earliest aging in the face often affects the upper eyelids. As the eyes are said to be “the windows to the soul”, and as we communicate by looking at one another’s eyes, these aging changes are the first ones that patients will notice. They become more noticeable in photographs, especially selfies!

The loss of definition of the upper eyelid skin crease and folds of skin over the upper eyelid lashes means that ladies cannot wear their make-up and men notice the skin pushing down their eyelashes. Puffiness of the upper eyelids also makes us look tires.

Because upper eyelids are so important in the health of one’s eyes, it is vital for the surgeon to be knowledgeable about the normal anatomy and physiology not only of the eyelids but also the eyes. Because we “fix” so many parts of the face, including upper eyelids after surgery that has gone badly elsewhere, we are careful to perform conservative and safe surgery for our patients, giving them a very natural look. Indeed, many patients note that they look relaxed and rejuvenated without anybody knowing that we have performed surgery. We have hundreds of before-and-after photographs after upper eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), which illustrate the many techniques we use when performing upper blepharoplasty.
In ladies, we create firm eyelid skin creases with an elegant curve to the upper eyelids and turn the eyelashes out (make them “proud”) to give a beautiful result. In men, we leave them looking like good-looking men with good-looking masculine eyelids! Look up George Clooney and Brad Pitt, among some others!

UPPER EYELID LIFT (BLEPHAROPLASTY) SALT LAKE CITY Plastic surgery creating Beautiful faces by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah

One of the earliest aging changes seen in ladies is the puffiness that occurs in the lower eyelids (called baggy lower eyelids). Early lower eyelid changes can be treated with a combination of botox and fillers to fill the nasojugal and malar grooves. This allows us to improve the appearance of early bags of the lower eyelids without surgery and is well worth doing as long as the doctor performs delicate and accurate placement of the filler in the lower eyelid grooves. The wrong amounts injected in the wrong places will leave you with puffy-looking lower eyelids which requires us to dissolve the filler. 

We have a detailed discussion of all the changes that occur with lower eyelid aging in different age groups. The most difficult cosmetic surgical procedure on the face is a lower blepharoplasty as the surgeon must have a detailed knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, surface anatomy and cross-sectional aging changes and be able to design the procedures for each individual patient. Dr. Patel has described his technique of lower blepharoplasty and also the procedure he designed and published which is performed all over the world by surgeons he has trained, called the “Hammock Lift”. This gives an improvement in the lower eyelids, the grooves below the lower eyelids, the cheeks and even the jawline. 

Plastic surgery creating Beautiful faces by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah

Dr. Patel designed his signature “Hammock Lift” which is a plastic surgery procedure designed in Salt Lake City and is now performed all over the world. You will meet surgeons visiting us to learn how we perform this amazing procedure which we use in men as well as women and allows us to improve the aging changes of the forehead, upper eyelids, lower eyelids and cheeks, all at the one sitting. This technique also gives an improvement in the jawline, which is a bonus. We have many photographs of men and women of all ages which shows the amazing power of this procedure. Results are long-lasting and simple maintenance allows us to keep your results looking good year after year. 

Everyone knows of botox and fillers but everyone also knows and has seen people who have had badly injected botox and fillers!! With years of teaching medical students, residents, fellows and other plastic surgeons the anatomy of the face and how and where to inject different substances, Dr. Patel is able to design your sequence of injections to leave you looking rejuvenated and very natural. Bruising, swelling and some minor effects can be seen with all injections and when they occur, they are short-term. We use coolers and topical anesthetics to make your experience as comfortable as we can and we always review our result to ensure we give you the result that looks best on you. 

“People are getting too many fillers put in their faces.” – Prof. BCK Patel MD, FRCS

Sometimes in life (often in life), a little is good, a little more may be better, but even more is not always the best. We continue to see many patients who have been “over-filled” and look unnatural. When we use fillers, we design them the same way we design facelifts, neck lifts, brow lifts, etc: with attention to detail and and analysis of where it will give our patients the best and most natural result. This not only saves our patients money, but also gives them very natural results. 

We apply this to lips by creating beautifully shaped lips for everyone from patients in their 20’s to patients in their 80’s and older. The aim is to always leave the lips looking beautiful and inviting without any of the hallmarks of the over-filled lips we see frequently. We can improve lip lines, improve the shape of the lips, and also the contour of the lips. See our description on “aging of the lips” and see how we design lips to give you the best possible result. 

Aging affects the cheeks and lower eyelids together, resulting in loss of cheek fullness and a descent of the cheek tissues giving rise to jowls (jowly faces) affecting the lower part of the face and jawline. Isolated cheek lifts can be performed to restore the fullness of youth but more commonly, we combine it with lower eyelid blepharoplasty, fat grafts and CO2 laser application in the form of a Hammock Lift to give our patients a better result than what one can achieve with just a cheek lift. This is applicable to men and women and in the young and in older patients, depending upon the aging changes one sees. The amazing thing about these procedures we designed is the improvement one sees along the jawline (jowls and jowly jawlines). Our patients are always surprised but delighted that using this procedure we designed, we are able to give such a comprehensive improvement of the midface and also the lower part of the face. These procedures are performed endoscopically, using modern minimal incision techniques. 


“Early jowls are the bane of all beautiful women” – Prof. BCK Patel MD, FRCS

Nobody likes jowls. The more beautiful or handsome you are, the earlier you will notice the occurrence of early jowls which bespoil the elegant and graceful flow of the vertical jawline to the horizontal jawline to the chin. The intrusive early jowl, once seen is there to be seen!!

Fortunately, there are many possible ways of improving this. When seen early, we can camouflage the jawline with fillers along the jawline effectively hiding the jowls and jowly jaw. We can use ultrasound and radiofrequency devices to improve the jowls, often combined with subcutaneous delivery of radiofrequency or lasers. To create beautiful jawlines and reverse aging impressively, we use our signature facelift and necklift procedure. Come and see our amazing results.

Whether you have early, moderate or advanced jowls, we have a solution for you.

The CO2 laser, invented and develop by Prof. C. K. Patel in the Bell Laboratories is the single most amazing laser ever created. It has been refined and improved and the most modern version of this laser which Dr. Patel now uses allows us to treat skin wrinkles, pores, lines, age spots, skin laxity and many other conditions using many different settings so we can plan your recovery. By using a pulsed fractionated mode, you can have a gentle, medium or aggressive level of treatment to give you different degrees of improvement. This laser is still the very best laser available to the modern Plastic Surgeon as it is versatile and gives our patients the very best results. We also use the CO2 laser to perform laser blepharoplasties which gives our patients less bruising and swelling and quicker healing. 

Do you want the sun spots, broken vessels and older-looking skin on your face, neck and chest to look much, much better? We have the answer. Using the latest intense pulsed light and broadband light lasers in Salt Lake City, we can give your skin an amazing makeover. Have a look at our amazing before-and-after photographs. We design the treatments so that the different changes we see in each patient are treated specifically to improve them, giving a youthful, clean-looking skin. We have not only the latest lasers, but also the other laser-related devices like ultrasound, radiofrequency, microneedling and other treatments to give you the best possible results. 

The modern Plastic Surgeon who wishes to give his or her patients the very best results combines knowledge of anatomy, physiology, skin anatomy, aging-related changes, modern plastic surgery techniques and lasers to give the very best lasers. We have lasers to remove tattoos, tattoos on brows and eyelids, improve pores, tighten skin, improve jawlines and jowls, improve skin wrinkles, remove veins on the face, remove leg spider veins, remove pigment spots, improve skin texture, and many other things. 

Come and look at our array of lasers and see what we can do for you. We specialize in improving scars from prior surgery, trauma and other conditions like acne, using a combination of techniques which include lasers, fat grafts, subcutaneous release of scars, fillers, ultrasound and radiofrequency with or without needles. 

Tattoos can be reduced with the use of our modern picosecond lasers. Although all colors can be treated, pink, red and green ink takes many more treatments to improve than dark colors like blue or black. Treatments are administered every four weeks. 


The Aerolase laser is an amazing laser which allows us to give our patients skin tightening, improve their acne scars, improve redness in the skin and is one of the only lasers that will treat melasma effectively. It is a popular laser all over the world because of all the different things we can treat and improve. Have a look at our many before-and-after photographs of patients treated with the Aerolase laser in Salt Lake City.

It is the perfect laser when we want to give our patients a tighter jawline and improvement in skin pores and tighten the skin. The improvement we see in patients with melasma is second to none. And patients with recurrent acne can be improved immensely by treating the sebaceous oil glands that harbor the bacteria that cause Acne Vulgaris. Have a look at our before-and-after photographs!


Spider veins are signs of aging in legs, and the face mainly, but can also occur elsewhere. We have the latest lasers and injection techniques which allow us to eliminate these pesky vessels which make the legs look as if they have bruises on them and prevent people from wearing shorts or swimming costumes. On the face, most ladies will develop veins at the corners of the nose and also on the cheeks and chin. Over time, these can pick up more sun damage causing more skin changes of aging. Many patients also have acne rosacea which is a condition which creates florid blood vessels on the nose and the cheeks. Fortunately, we now have the latest lasers which allow us to improve all these changes on the legs, face and elsewhere. Come and see our amazing before-and-after photographs. 

Broad Band Light is also known as Intense Pulsed Light or Laser light. These different bands of wavelengths allow us to improve a lot of the aging changes that affect the skin fo the face, the neck, the chest, arms, legs and elsewhere. It is amazing how much of the sun-related damage and aging changes we can reverse with these modern lasers. In our clinic we also combine these with specific wavelength lasers including diode lasers, 940 nm wavelength lasers, 1064 nm Yag lasers, CO2 lasers, Erbium lasers, 650 nm lasers and many others so we can design a bespoke treatment for your skin and give you amazing results: have a look at our before-and-after photographs to see what we can do to improve the appearance of your skin in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. 

Delivery of plasma with different devices, including the Renuvion device allows us to treat the skin surface as well as the tissues below the skin and give us skin tightening. This is often combined with subcutaneous liposuction to give amazing jawlines and necks without the more prolonged healing involved when we perform facelifts and necklifts. 

​Do you want a slimmer neck with a more defined jawline and an improvement in jowls? Liposuction may be the answer for many patients who may not need a more invasive procedure like a surgical facelift or neck lift. Liposuction of the neck and jawline can be combined with other procedures to give an added improvement in the appearance of the face and neck.


Microneedling, focused ultrasound and needle radiofrequency treatment in St. Salt Lake City, Utah. The skin responds to energy delivered at the correct level in the skin and below the skin: it is now possible to deliver energy below the skin using focused ultrasound (high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU) to improve the texture of the skin and to get skin tightening. Using very fine needles, we can also deliver radiofrequency as deep as 3.5 mm below the skin to improve acne scars, surgical scars and the texture of the skin.



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