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Dr BCK Patel MD provides the latest plastic surgery techniques to patients in St. George, Utah, where we serve patients from Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and further afield. With our experience, our history of having developed many of the plastic surgery procedures that are now used all over the world and with our knowledge of fixing faces which may have undesirable results from surgery, we are able to create natural-looking faces. From facelifts, to neck lifts, to surgery for saggy jowls to Hammock Lifts, we create the most beautiful faces in St. George, Utah.

Plastic surgery creating Beautiful faces by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah

The most powerful procedure that can restore one’s facial aging back to days from yonder is a beautifully performed facelift and necklift. Dr. Patel performs facelifts and necklifts and many other Plastic Surgery procedures in St. George, Utah for patients from many of the surrounding States and for patients from overseas.

Dr. Patel performs his signature “Patel Facelift” which is designed individually for each patient and includes a deep plane lift together with attention to volume (with nano fat grafts), laxity with appropriate tissue repositioning, creation of a beautiful neck (“The neck is where the money is”), a gorgeous jawline with specific attention being paid to jowls. Dr. Patel described his technique where the jowls are addressed individually in all the layers, giving the results you can see in our before-and-after photographs.

There will be swelling, bruising and healing as a facelift and necklift is a comprehensive procedure which improves many of the aging changes in the face and neck. We have a detailed page which describes exactly how you will heal. Many of our patients are willing to chat to others considering a facelift and a necklift so you can hear first-hand what the recovery will be like. More information on everything you ever wanted to know about a facelift and neck lift is available here.

Our beautiful long neck with a strong jawline changes over time, with the changes dependent upon our genes, exposure to sun, habits and many other factors. The earliest changes include the presence of jowls along the jawline which can make a lady’s face look more “square” rather than the beautiful “oval”. Further changes can include laxity of skin, formation of platysma bands, loss of the mental angle and loss of the definition of the jawline. Dr Patel has written comprehensive articles on the different techniques that are available to recreate beautiful necks in ladies and “manly” jawlines, chins and necks in men. We hear the phrase “I love my new neck” regularly from our patients after the appropriate procedures to treat the jowls and the neck. We also hear the phrase “I hate my neck” regularly from prospective patients when we first meet them! If you “hate” the way your neck is changing, come and see us and let us show you what is possible.


A beautifully performed endoscopic browlift is one of the most satisfying procedures for the surgeon and for the patient. Dr. Patel has written extensively on the techniques he has developed for endoscopic brow lifts which are performed on men and women. The aim is to improve forehead lines, improve the shape of the brows and the frown lines and change the shape in women to make the face look elegant. In men, the aim is to improve the facial structure so that one does not look tired but preserves the facial appearance of a male.
Endoscopic brow lifts are usually performed in combination with upper blepharoplasty and often in combination with surgery to improve baggy lower eyelids and cheeks using our Hammock Lift procedure which gives a beautiful improvement of the upper two-thirds of the face.

“I don’t want my brows to look too high!”

This is a common comment from patients. We never want to look “operated” or surprised. Using our techniques, we leave patients looking relaxed and natural and still leave them with the ability to have facial expressions. 

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty to improve baggy upper eyelids can change the appearance of the whole face in a very satisfying way! Careful attention has to be paid to the vision, protection of the cornea, ability to close one’s eyelids and other factors like the tear film to perform this procedure safely and effectively. We regularly repair patients who have had problems after upper and/or lower blepharoplasty, so it is better to get the procedure done properly in the first instance!

Upper blepharoplasty may be performed with endoscopic brow lifts, lower blepharoplasty, cheek lifts and other procedures. 

UPPER EYELID LIFT (BLEPHAROPLASTY) SALT LAKE CITY Plastic surgery creating Beautiful faces by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah

We all get some degree of lower eyelid puffiness (eyelid bags) over time! Early changes lead to the presence of grooves between the lower eyelids and cheeks called nasojugal grooves and malar grooves. Carefully administered fillers can improve these early changes by restoring the natural smoothness from the lower eyelids to the cheeks.

​The aim is always to be conservative and leave the person looking natural. When the changes are more pronounced, you may need a cosmetic lower blepharoplasty with or without repositioning of the cheeks. Lower blepharoplasty is one of the more difficult cosmetic surgical procedures because of the anatomy and physiology of this region. Attention has to be paid to the position of the lower eyelid, the ability to protect the cornea and preservation of the ethnic appearance of the eyelids and face. Our publications on how to assess lower eyelids and faces and how to plan surgery to achieve the safest and best results were written to educate other plastic surgeons about this technically challenging operation of lower blepharoplasty

Plastic surgery creating Beautiful faces by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah

After facelifts and neck lifts, the Hammock Lift is the most commonly requested procedure. It was designed by Dr. Patel to address the aging changes that affect the upper two-thirds of the face. The aim is to improve everything from the skin to the wrinkles to the bags to the volume loss to the texture to the shape. The results are amazing in men as well as women. A full hammock lift addresses the forehead, brows, upper and lower eyelids and cheeks, with the added advantage of improving some of the changes that occur along the jawline (jowls). There are times when a person may only need half of the Hammock Lift where the brows and upper eyelids are addressed or the lower eyelids and cheeks are addressed. This decision is made after assessment of the face and a review of photographs from younger days.

Botox in various forms has been approved and used in the USA and in Europe since 1989. Initially approved for the management of blepharospasm and strabismus, the medication is now used for several hundred indications, including for cosmetic improvement of the face. Well-performed injections can give a very natural appearance to the face without any of the overly injected patients one sometimes sees. The aim is to relax muscles to improve lines, wrinkles and skin texture and also preserve movement of the face and avoid the plastic look. With botox, as with many things in plastic surgery, it is better to slightly under-inject than to over-inject. Our patients love the way we are able to improve frown lines and forehead lines without making the brows droop. Indeed, it is possible to give a very elegant rise to the brows which opens up the face. We regularly correct incorrectly injected faces with botox as well as fillers. 

With fillers in the face, “less is definitely more”. We have all seen over-filled faces with chipmunk cheeks and swollen bloated-looking faces. Dr. Patel has lectures all over the world showing how we are over-filling faces and that subtle use of fillers gives much more natural results. Fillers are wonderful to improve the cheek angles and prominence, improve the grooves below the lower eyelids bags, for deeper frown lines, to accentuate the chin and jawline and to create a beautiful shape of lips. With lips, a combination of properly injected filler and botox can give a very pleasing result in all age groups and if combined with a fractionated laser, many of the fine and deeper lip lines can be improved as can be seen in our before-and-after photographs. There are many different types of fillers now available although the basic components of these fillers are only a few. Correctly-chosen fillers will give you a natural and pleasing look 

For many years, cheeks and the aging changes that affect cheeks were ignored. With clinical and anatomical research by Dr. Patel and other surgeons, we now understand the importance of addressing the cheeks when we address facial aging changes. To get the best results when addressing baggy lower eyelids, the combination of performing a lower blepharoplasty and a cheek lifts yields the most satisfying outcome: we designed this procedure and published it. It is called the Hammock Lift, giving amazing results. In men as well as women, this combination allows us to reverse the midfacial aging changes with a nice youthful fullness returned to the cheeks and an improvement in the nasojugal and malar grooves. 



Jowls, jowly faces, loose jawline: these are common complaints seen from the age of about 40 years onwards. When they are mild, jowls can be “treated” by using fillers along the jawline and also tightening them with radiofrequency and ultrasound devices. However, it is important to remember that treatment with devices will give an improvement which can be variable. Fillers work very well in making the jawline look straighter and is very popular with patients wanting a non-surgical improvement. Surgical facelift and neck lift works best when one wants an excellent improvement in the jawline and the jowls. We perform face lifts and neck lifts in men as well as women, giving them a very natural result. 

​Endolift for jowls and the neck: using a laser below the skin we can get an improvement in the jawline and the fullness below the chin with this minimally invasive procedure which originated in Italy. We can show you the sort of results we can get with this exciting technology. 

To get an excellent improvement in the texture, pores, wrinkles, lines and irregularities, nothing gives results like a CO2 laser. The modern CO2 laser allows the use of fractionated delivery so we can now decide how much improvement one wants and quickly one wants to heal. This laser gives amazing results when done on the correct skin with the appropriate settings. Have a look at our results. The fractionated CO2 laser can be used in all age groups and is especially good at improving acne scars when combined with fat grafts and resection of deep ice pick scars. We have a full set of instructions on how to speed up your healing to get the best and quickest results with this wonderful laser. 

Since the first IPL was approved in 1995, there have been tremendous improvements in the technology. Dr. Patel trained with one of the originators of IPL and the CO2 laser, Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick MD and has since improved on many of the protocols so that we can now get very sophisticated results with the use of combination lasers. Our before-and-after photographs of the results of these lasers on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and now, legs show the wonderful outcomes. We are currently refining protocols which will allow us to improve leg skin, which has been difficult to treat until now. With our use of vascular lasers, pigment lasers, lasers for wrinkles and lines and protocols for improvement in skin pores, we are able to achieve excellent results. 


Laser treatments have allowed the modern Plastic Surgeon to achieve what our teachers could only dream of. We now have diode lasers for efficient hair removal, multi frequency lasers for IPL and broad band light treatment of skin for vessels and pigment changes, lasers to tighten skin, Erbium lasers to improve pores and wrinkles, CO2 lasers to improve acne scars, radiofrequency machines to tighten skin, focused ultrasound machines to improve deeper tissues, 1470 nm fiber lasers to give an improvement of jowls and lower eyelid bags without surgery and many more. See our laser results to appreciate what we can achieve.

Lasers to remove tattoos using picosecond lasers now allow us to improve the appearance of tattoos in five to six treatments.

The Aerolase Neo is the most modern laser now available to tighten skin and rejuvenate skin without pain and with no recovery time needed: there is no pain, no burns and no bruising. It is used for more than 30 different conditions, including the treatment of melasma, fine lines, pores, gentle skin tightening, treatment of inflammatory acne, treatment of acne scars, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, redness of skin from sun damage, spider veins on the legs and face and also hair removal. It can also be used for nailbed fungus infections, improvement of scars and for the reduction of pinkness in scars.

What type of skin can the Aerolase Neo be used on?

It can be used on all skin types safely, Fitzpatrick type I to Fitzpatrick type VI.

How does the Aerolase Neo work on patients with acne?

Aerolase Neo penetrates the sebaceous oil glands, thereby destroying the p. acne bacteria that are responsible for cauing inflammation and acne breakouts. When patients have acne scars, the Aerolase Neo works by restoring collagen to damaged skin.

What sort of results will I see after the Aerolase Neo?

You will see an improvement in the texture, redness and pigmentation and will also notice some tightening. Generally, five to six treatments are administered once a month. These treatments are very popular for people before family get togethers or weddings and parties as it gives the skin a wonderful glow and improvement in the pigmentation and pinkness. We combine this treatment with the Erbium Yag laser for the skin to give an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin. You can apply makeup the very next day after treatment. 


Visible veins in the legs can make legs look spotty and as if the legs have bruises. Besides being unsightly, they can also cause local bruising with minor injury. These leg veins used to be treated with injections using chemicals like hypertonic saline until recently. We now have YAG lasers and Microsecond lasers that allow us to close many of these vessels with minimal discomfort.

How do you treat vessels on the cheeks, face and nose?

Many people have acne rosacea which causes vessels to become visible on the nose, cheeks and even eyelids and chin. These vessels can now be improved using multiple different lasers including the 532 nm diode laser, the 940 diode laser for larger and deeper vessels, the IPL an BBL lasers, and long pulse 1064 YAG lasers.


Broad band light (BBL) and Intense pulsed light (IPL) are similar technologies which allow us to treat large areas of skin on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and now even legs. These treatments target pigment spots, broken vessels, deeper vessels, pores and fine skin lines. Treatments with BBL and IPL are administered every four weeks and most patients need five treatment. After the course is completed, maintenance of one treatment every six months or so is all that is required to maintain the improve appearance of the skin. Now, we mix other lasers with BBL and IPL to give even better results and even skin tightening. 

Plasma is described as the fourth state of matter (the others being solid, liquied and gas). Plasma treatment may be applied to the surface of the skin or under the skin during surgery. This is an exciting technology that allows us to improve the appearance of skin and to tighten it. Fibroblasts repair the skin after treatment making the skin firmer. Fibroblasts are skin cells responsible for making collagen proteins in the dermis of the skin. They maintain skin firmness and tightness.
Plasma treatment is used for the following reasons:

  • plasma skin resurfacing
  • plasma skin regeneration
  • plasma needling
  • plasma lift

​Plasma treatment causes a microinjury to the skin which then stimulated fibroblasts which regenerates the region with firming of the skin.


What are the benefits of plasma treatment?

Plasma treatments have many advantages, including:

  • Specific areas are targeted with precision
  • short operation time
  • no bleeding
  • less collateral injury to other tissues
  • protective layer formed during healing
  • fast healing
  • immediate return to usual activities
  • no visible scars
  • no hyperpigmntation
  • no infection
  • no pain
  • very slight inflammatory reaction

Which areas can be treated with plasma?

Areas treated successfully with plasma treatments inclue:

  • face
  • neck
  • arms
  • breasts
  • stomach
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • knees

Liposuction of the neck, jawline and the submental area (just below the chin) an give a very nice improvement in the shape and appearance when there is fullness there. Many patients do not need a total facelift and neck lift. Judiciously performed tunneling liposuction gives an improvement in jowls, the jawline and the neck with minimal incisions. 


Microneedling, focused ultrasound and needle radiofrequency treatment in St. George, Utah. We can now deliver energy below the skin using focused ultrasound (high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU) to improve the texture of the skin and to get skin tightening. Using very fine needles, we can also deliver radiofrequency as deep as 3.5 mm below the skin to improve acne scars, surgical scars and the texture of the skin.



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